Speech Delay

If there are concerns regarding your child’s speech and language development: even a mild or partial hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to develop S&L skills properly leading to delays developing speech skills. While your child may respond well to many sounds they might be having difficulty hearing soft sounds (speech sounds “S” “Sh” “f” “t” “k” “th”are soft light sounds) and therefore they do not include them in speech. They may not hear their own voice properly and they speak too low or too loud. Often they cannot hear word endings, misusing words and verbs. Your child needs a hearing test if they exhibits one or more of the behaviors below:

1. Often says “Huh?” or “What?" 

2.  May ignore sound.

3. Inconsistent response to sound.

5. Hears when he/she “wants to”.  

11. Unusually visually oriented.

12. Many mis-articulations (mispronunciations).

13. Voice quality sounds “different” or “odd”.

14. Speech may sound “mushy”.

15. Language delay.