Risk factors for Hearing loss

Risk factors and symptoms for hearing loss in adults

  • Age (45-65 years old – 20%) or anyone 65 or older (29%)
  • Age above 18 years when a high-risk co-morbidity is present e.g. diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease, hypertension 3x greater incidence
  • Diabetes 2x greater incidence
  • Obesity 2x greater incidence
  • Smoker, past smoker or exposed to second hand smoke- 2x greater incidence
  • Dizziness- light-headedness, imbalance/or vertigo
  • Balance issues may co-exist with hearing loss.
  • Irritability or social withdrawn, symptoms of depression
  • Use of ototoxic medication- Salicylates (asprin and NSAIDS), aminoglycosides (Antibiotics), loop Diuretics, and Anti-neoplastic Agents (Anti-cancer Drugs)