6 Steps to Better Hearing

The power of hearing: The ear is the most efficient, and at the same time the most sensitive sensory organ of human beings. Our ears can distinguish up to 400,00 different sounds: they process twice as many impressions as our eyes: about 50 per second. People with hearing loss often feel isolated from others and suffer from depression and insomnia.


1. Get your hearing tested as part of your annual medical screening and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

2. If you have hearing loss, treat it. Visit an audiologist to learn about hearing aids today or talk to your general practitioner.

3. If you have hearing aids, wear them. It takes time to perfect the settings, but they do help.

4. Speak up about your hearing loss. Being vocal about your own loss will gradually lower the stigma for others.

5. Show that hearing is something to be valued. Protect your hearing and help others protect their hearing by offering earplugs or tuning down the volume.

6. Appeal to your elected officials to make hearing loss an important part of the national health agenda.

You may need to see an audiologist if 

· Difficulty picking out words in the presence of background noise

· Everybody mumbles- difficulty hearing certain voices especially women and children

· Speaks loudly and has trouble understanding or responding

· History of falls or problems with balance or dizziness

·Complaints of Tinnitus: buzzing or ringing in one or both ears

·Exposed to high noise levels (above 85 decibels) on the job